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Kids Corner Senior- 8-10 years old

Updated: May 7, 2021

The senior group was created after my first Kids Corner session in March.

There were a couple of kids who were older and more mature than the others. While they enjoyed the sessions and participated well, I knew there was potential to do more with them and dive deeper into certain topics. And with that, the Senior Group was created.

My goal with this group is for kids to:

- Share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with other kids

- Have discussion on topics like friendship, bullying, diversity, and respect.

- Feel empowered and confident

- Love and accept themselves (and others) for who they are

I feel proud and honoured to have created a space where kids feel comfortable to be vulnerable, open, and share their feelings with people they've just met.

Here are a few clips from some of the discussions we've had the past few weeks.

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