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Is Kids Corner for kids with Special Needs?

It's not made specifically for kids with special needs. I welcome kids of all abilities, and will adapt the activities to meet their individual needs. It's a very inclusive program where all kids feel welcome and accepted :)

Do you provide any in-person support?

All of my services and programs are provided online, through Zoom. I wasn't sure how effective that would be at first. I have been pleasantly surprised by the impact I am able to have on kids and the connections I can make with them through online interactions. I have found a way to interact with and keep kids engaged virtually that is as close as it gets to real life, in-person contact.

Can I book an intake session for coaching?

Of course! I like to schedule at least one 45 minute to 1 hour call with clients who are interested in hearing more about my coaching programs and how I can help support them and their child. I don't charge for this call, and it's a very laid back and casual conversation, where I get to know you, your child, the challenges you face, and if I could be a good fit to work with and support you.

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